Remote Linux installation services

You live in Qızılorda? No problem, internet has no borders: we install your opensource remote.

No worries. Prepare your hardware, we do the rest to get the opensource your way.

Installation of linux opensource onto excisting computers worldwide.

Do you want opensource on your excisting computers, notebooks or servers? We can do that for you remotely.

Why should you want opensource such as ubuntu operating system?

  • Our excisting computers still have the end-of-live Windows Xp software
  • Windows 8 is too heavy for our computers and too difficult for our users
  • Tired of windows 7 > windows 8 > windows9 ?
  • We need more safety,privacy and protection for our data
  • Software licenses are too expensive
  • Most of our software is web-based, so the underlaying operating systems is not important.
  • For schools, we want our students to learn and use opensource also.

We install ubuntu+family and debian modern software on your computer(s).

Excellent installation service for computers in schools, libraries, companies and organisations.